My name is Ennis Hawley and I represent the League of Lanternlight. We would be obliged if you would entertain our invitation…

Welcome to the League. Please take the time to sign up for the D&D Next playtest at Wizards before you begin. This is an actual playtest of D&D Next rules, I’m going to ask for help with the feedback to Wizards. First things first, go here to get the playtest materials. Download, read, and get ready.

You will be in charge of creating 1-3 characters to start. Do not take too many risks with the characters that you are building. Start off with the classes and races that you feel the most comfortable with and go with those. Part of the reason we’re playtesting is to provide feedback on how the feel of playing a character in D&D Next compares to how you’ve enjoyed playing these types of characters in the past. They don’t have to be the same guy, but don’t worry too much about exploring new territory in character building. At least have something that you can compare it to. Start at level 1 with a 4d6 and pick the best 3.

We’re going to run a “Hall of Justice” style campaign, where the players select from a pool of potential heroes to go on each adventure/mission. We’ll do our best to meet regularly, and the folks who can make it get to play. If you can’t make it, no sweat, everyone’s characters will get to level up simultaneously. We’ll try to keep the adventures to a one night mission and we’re done, saving particularly dangerous missions for a potential day-long session.

We’ve played one session already. Review the notes in the adventure log to find out what has happened so far.

The League of Lanternlight

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