The League of Lanternlight

Episode One - Arrival in Cliffport
Episode One

The PCs arrive in Cliffport and, like you do, head to the nearest barstool at the The Crimson Ortolon. The characters meet Narain Miller and Jon Wayright and discuss the situation in Cliffport over a pint and a very generous gold piece.

While in Cliffport, The PCs take a look around.

1. Zykmir discovers that the rabble in the tent city have no criminal organization of note. He also procures a Patent of Obligation from the Quartermaster.
2. Carlova discovers a bakery and attempts to “bribe” the guards with delicious, possibly magical cupcakes. The guards are not as receptive as she may have hoped, but she does gain the attention of the Sherriff of Cliffport.
3. Morgan attempts with a high degree of success to get Jon to spill his guts regarding the town and his problems.
4. Bardwin chats with other townsfolk in the bar and meets an ill at ease cartographer.

The PCs learn that Jon’s livelihood is in jeopardy because his trapping grounds are empty of the usual minks and beavers as of late. Jon attributes this to the sodden adventurers who have been disturbing the wildlife and tripping his snares or just straight up stealing his catches for themselves. The PCs decide to investigate.

The PCs descend into the valley to the north east of cliffport following Jon’s trail markings. After a few hours they begin to discover evidence that his snares are being sabotaged. During the night, the PCs hear the squealing of a trapped animal, and when they investigate they discover the brush pig has already been killed by a blow on the head. The perpetrators escape, but two things become apparent to the PCs. There are things in the woods that are intelligent enough to set and dismantle traps and that run away towards the north.

The following morning the PCs follow the trail to a large stone outcropping over a submerged cavern basin. The group fights a giant frog that attacks them, and Carlova kills it with a javelin in one throw. The water is icy cold, but the PCs venture in and find an underwater pathway to a cavern complex full of vile goblins! The PCs battle waves of goblins as they navigate the tunnels until they encounter what appears to be the leader. They dispatch the leader easily and discover a treasure chest full of scavenged coin. They collect their trophies and return to Cliffport battered and bruised, but now battle-hardened. The quartermaster is surprised to see them return at all. They turn in their trophies to be counted and relay their discovery to Jon.

As they celebrate their victory over the goblins and the small amount of fame they have claimed they are approached by a shadowy figure dressed in a long, black cloak who introduces himself as Ennis Hawley. He tells the PCs that he represents The League of Lanternlight.


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