• Bardwin Tanner

    Bardwin Tanner

    Specialty Hedgewizard of slight build and crooked legs, but powerful to an unknowable extent.
  • Carlova Mineshadow

    Carlova Mineshadow

    Dwarven Barbarian and baked goods enthusiast
  • Morgan


    Human raised by elves, and learned his martial skills from the elves sect of hand-to-hand combatants.
  • Zykmir the Ridan

    Zykmir the Ridan

    Former thug turned to the path of the clerics of stormcaller
  • Barton Cribb

    Barton Cribb

    Official measurer of Duke Soliman
  • Ennis Hawley

    Ennis Hawley

    A tall, thin man of deep voice and dark purpose.
  • Her Magesty Yanette Dygan

    Her Magesty Yanette Dygan

    Queen Dygan is the eldest daughter and first heir of Bertran Dygan the Morningstar.
  • Iona Lamark

    Iona Lamark

    Comely and tall, the Sherriff of Cliffport is a formidable looking warrior.
  • Jon Wayright

    Jon Wayright

    Trapper and fur trader in Cliffport
  • Narain Miller

    Narain Miller

    Owner of the Crimson Ortolon Inn
  • Olmo Ulgen

    Olmo Ulgen

    Short, round faced and disagreeable, the quartermaster of Cliffport doesn't have time for you.
  • Oron Soliman

    Oron Soliman

    The Duke of the Realm, and governor of the frontier outpost of Cliffport
  • Yehudia Wieks

    Yehudia Wieks

    Timid and slight cartographer for Duke Soliman