Patent of Obligation


It is hereby recognized by this official office of his lordship that the undersigned has sworn his fealty to the crown of her magesty Queen Dygan and that the undersigned shall endeavor to further the kingdom and her magesty’s glory in word, action and deed.

By virtue of this oath of fealty, the undersigned will be granted when available:
passage along the routes and highways of the kingdom, and passage on her magesty’s ships,
entrance to her magesty’s cities and townships,
access to his lordships hospitalers in times of most grievous injury,
appropriate personal arms to assist with the orders of the day,
a mule,

for the strict purposes of:
charting her magesty’s wilderness lands and expanding her magesty’s kingdom,
making for safe passage for her magesty’s subjects,
advancing her magesty’s influence and glory into new lands.

For the greater good of the Kingdom, and in the spirit of mutual benefit during this Great Endeavor, the undersigned is awarded:
fifty percent of the value of all exchangeable, valuable goods and precious materials found,
current value of pelts and trophies,
1 gold piece per hectare of wilderness mapped in no smaller an increment than 100 hectares,
As determined by his lordship’s officials of weights and measures.

Should the undersigned make words or take actions that undermine this Great Endeavor or her magesty or her magesty’s servants, the terms of this contract shall become null and void. Her Royal Magesty the Queen and her loyal servant His Lordship the Duke and any of their officials and agents retain the right to revoke this patent and the benefits that it offers at any time and the undersigned must forfeit any materials proffered by this agreement to agents of her magesty when requested to do so. Failure to do comply with the agreement above is cause for and may lead to arrest and imprisonment of the undersigned as well other penalties up to and including forfeiture of lands and titles, banishment from the realm, or death.

I, ___________________________________________ do hereby swear my fealty to her Magesty Queen Dygan and her descended heirs for as long as I draw breath. It is in her name and for the glory of the Kingdom that I, her loyal servant, am granted the forementioned benefits which I agree to use to further our Great Endeavor.

Witnessed on this day ________________________________ by his lordship Duke Soliman’s official and representative Barton Cribb.

Patent of Obligation

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